Wood Carvings, Signs, Unique Gifts, and Cutting Boards
by Lake Norman Wood Carvist Jim McDonald

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Why 1 of 1 Woodworks in Troutman NC is one of a kind…

When an artist creates a painting they usually sell prints of that painting labeled as 1 of 200 or 16 of 1500 etc. All of my pieces are 100% individual and one of a kind even if they look somewhat alike. Each piece of wood is like a snowflake, uniquely beautiful. No two pieces will have the same grain because the grain in each piece is dependent on it’s growing environment over it’s lifetime. Things like weather, wildlife, bugs, and fungus all change how a tree grows from the moment it is planted until the moment it ends up in my shop being custom designed just for you and your home.

Special Gifts for Special Events – New Home, Wedding, Business, Holidays

If you know someone who is getting married, moving into a new home, needs a unique sign for a business, completing a culinary education, or just wants something cool made from wood, then look no further! 1 of 1 Woodworks can create something unique with lasting value from all types of wood, using a variety of tools and techniques. Jim McDonald can provide the ideas or help you take something from concept to completion for that special event. The website has pricing information and galleries of our completed works.

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