Signs and Plaques Pricing Guide – Spring 2018

V carving/inset letters are $69.99 per square foot of materials needed.

Outset letters are $84.99 sq ft of materials needed.

3D CARVING IS $65 PER HOUR CARVE TIME plus materials, our design software helps us to keep track of time and gives an estimate of how long it should take after designing and programming is complete, there is also a non refundable programming fee of $150 that will come off the total bill upon completion.

Hand carving is available at $75 an hour. Average carve time for an outset 1′ x 2′ sign takes 3 to 4 hours.

Upgrade from paint to glass resin inlay! This is quoted on a job by job basis only at this time, cost will be determined by amount of colors and amount of inlay to be done.

We also offer design and layout if you don’t have an image you want carved yet.  We always work directly with our clients to be sure they are getting exactly what they want. That’s right,  No middleman sales guy!!! You will be working directly with the carvist doing your special project.

Cherry, cedar, maple, oak, poplar, white pine, and walnut are regularly available. Exotic woods can be ordered per request and at market price.


Typo Disclaimer

Unfortunately as humans we are not quite perfect at all times, therefore typos may happen.  If it is by fault of ours, we will gladly remake the piece free of charge and get the corrected version to you as soon as we possibly can.  If it is a typo because you accidentally spelled it wrong when sending us the info, we will still gladly remake the piece but at a discounted rate of 25% off the original price, and also get it out as soon as possible.

* Pricing shown does not include shipping or taxes. These are average costs; some pieces may be more or less based on specifics of job. To obtain a free personalized estimate, please email with details of request.

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